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From Monday Science activities to Friday fun, the Sharks Program is a  blast from start to finish! Our Sharks Summer Program provides a fun and safe summer experience that provides a lifetime of memories! Sporting a new theme each week, TAC campers are treated to themed activities as well as weekly special activities, guest entertainers, bounce houses, wacky activities, beach visits, and much much more! 

Swimming is offered at the Tibuon Peninsula Club. Sharks will walk over on Mon/Tues/Thursday. Spaces will fill up so don't delay!



Calling all future paleontologists! Join us for a roaring good time at the TAC digging site. So stomp on over for discovery and adventure of dinosauric proportions!


SESSION 2 (June 20 to 23): SHADES FOR DAYZ

Red, green purple, blue, we're gonna start a color war with you! Pick a hue and participate in a unique, and color-blasted experience starting with TAC's Holi Color Game!



Shiver me timbers, and yo-ho, yo-ho! Let’s set sail on a scalawag adventure and go! We’ll search for treasure the pirate way, and pick a shipmate to walk the plank every day.  So strap on your boots and let’s scavenge for loot.


SESSION 4 (July 5 to July 7, closed July 4): IT'S A SHORE THING

Hey, dudes and dudettes! Shoot the pipe and prove you're the Big Kahuna, or hop on shore to scope the killer beach party scene. This week'll be totally sweeeeeet!


SESSION 5 (July 10 to July 14): NO PLACE LIKE SPACE

All systems are go as we embark on an out of this world experience.  Join us for some star gazing, UFO tracking, and attempt to contact extraterrestrial creatures.  It’s sure to be a blast!

SESSION 6 (July 17 to July 21): BOOTS, CHAPS & COWBOY HATS

Howdy, partner! Buckle your overalls and don your straw hats, or your denims and cowboy boots. Learn about country living through the eyes of farmers and cowboys.  Let’s hop on the saddle and have a true cowpoke adventure!


SESSION 7 (July 24 to July 28): IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE

Come join the safari, and we’ll have a wild kinda party.  Swing from the tree vines and beat your chests like Tarzan, but make sure you don’t grab an anaconda.  Careful, it’s a jungle out there!


SESSION 8 (JULY 31 to August 4): RV THERE YET?

Don't be shy to make new friends while learning, laughing, and having fun until the camp day ends!  Come join us for a bucket of summer camp fun as we share “fireside” stories, learn to “rough it”, play fun outdoor games, and sing camp songs.

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